Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As environmental, technological and political uncertainties loom, consumers expect brands to pursue more than just short-term business goals. Along with championing causes that are important to us, we build ethics and sustainability into our work, our policies and our practices.


Our health and wellbeing is essential to how we do business. A mentally healthy workplace is one where we can realise our potential, work productively and creatively and contribute in a meaningful way to the success of our clients, each other and the business. At WPP AUNZ we are working towards building a culture that promotes positive mental health; supports those who may be living with a mental health condition; protects our people and improves our collective understanding and awareness of mental health.


We work with a growing number of brands on social and environmental issues, creating work that challenges stereotypes, changes minds and promotes healthier, more sustainable consumer choices.

Our companies also have long histories of pro bono work, offering their expertise to NGOs, not-for-profits and charities for little or no fee.

Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity unlocks creativity, strengthens our teams and helps us incorporate a wider range of perspectives into the work we do for clients. WPP AUNZ supports diversity from the ground up, with a target of 50:50 women and men in leadership roles by 2021. 
We also use targeted initiatives to encourage more inclusive environments:

CareerSeekers: A program for asylum seekers and refugees

CareerTrackers: Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander recruitment

Talent Rise: Education and job-ready programs for marginalised youth 

You can read more about these objectives in our Corporate Governance Statement.

R U ok?

Gavin Larkin, a senior leader at STW Group (now WPP AUNZ), started R U OK? in 2009, 14 years after his father took his own life. He wanted to honour his father and help protect other families from the same pain.

WPP AUNZ has since provided pro-bono support as well as creative and media expertise to the movement. Gavin passionately advocated that a conversation could change a life, before cancer ended his in 2011. In honour of Gavin, and all families who have lost a loved one to suicide, our support of R U OK? continues to this day.

AN Ethical foundation

We work to establish a consistent culture across all WPP AUNZ companies and locations, one that helps our people apply high standards and make the right decisions. All our companies share rigorous security standards, data privacy standards and anti-corruption measures.
You can read more about those standards and how we apply them in our Corporate Governance Statement.

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