Genevieve Murphy has an honest conversation about mental health

Genevieve Murphy

Head of Wellbeing, WPP AUNZ


As the Head of Wellbeing for WPP AUNZ, Gen admits that she doesn’t always practice what she preaches. She has definitely seen individuals leaning into conversations about mental health in 2020 and talks us through the ‘one thing that keeps her up at night’. Gen emphasises that in a crisis, businesses and leaders must create a sense of community and rhythm, and encourages us all to optimise energy, not time.
Gen shares her thoughts on the minimum standard for mental health, and wades through the difficulties and nuances in creating a mental health framework for a business or group of individuals who all experience mental health in a unique way. Gen is very transparent with her approach to mental health management and suggests that we all look at it as ‘experimenting’, that way you can never fail. As the Head of Wellbeing, Gen outlines the first step to take when it comes to developing a mental health framework, and emphasises that self-awareness must underpin everything we do.
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