Jens Monsees has an honest conversation about mental health

Jens Monsees



Sitting down with Jens at his Freshwater home, it is interesting to learn that from a global perspective, Mental Health isn’t part of a regular conversation in Germany. Jens is a family man and people-oriented person at heart, and when he started just 12 months ago, no one could have predicted that he would be managing WPP AUNZ throughout a pandemic. But he sees this as a huge opportunity to re-connect, reflect, and transform as a business. 

Jens’ role is to ensure WPP AUNZ is a successful business, and he admits that allowing time to reflect is critical. Jens explains that we need to learn to be comfortable with turning our computers and phones off, reminds us that we are simply human beings, and that sometimes the smallest things such as reading a book with his children can help re-centre him. Jens urges us to speak up and reach out if we are struggling, as everyone ‘carries their own package’ and struggles in their own way.

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