Jodi Willocks has an honest conversation about mental health

Jodi Willocks

Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson Wellington


Jodi discusses the relief and optimism that is seeping out, post pandemic. She talks about the importance of vulnerability and looks to high performing teams like the All Blacks for advice and tips on starting and continuing the mental health conversation. Jodi firmly believes in Michelle Obamas saying, ‘we shouldn’t rely on others for our own happiness’, and knows that optimism and empathy are two traits that everyone needs to survive in 2020.
Jodi tells us that following a recent session with her client, WorkSafe, mental health will be the single biggest priority for workplaces in the future. As someone who views her different responsibilities in life as a patchwork coat, instead of different hats, Jodi reminds us that we will never be able to stop the waves, we just have to learn to surf.
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