Mark Jenner has an honest conversation about mental health

Mark Jenner

Managing Director, Ogilvy International and NZ Business Director, WPP AUNZ 


As the NZ business director, Mark shares his thoughts on the New Zealand rollercoaster of lock down, re-opening, and then back to lock down. Mark believes that in order to create and communicate effectively we need to be in tune with our feelings, and aware of others.


Mark talks about the huge impact of social media on mental health, and the importance of active listening in today’s society. Discussing the struggle we face getting people back into the office whilst continuing to balance the benefits of working from home, Mark believes it is our responsibility to create an environment which is safe for those struggling. He does not believe the onus is on those who are struggling to come forward. Mark reminds us to, at the very least, make your bed in the morning so if you have a bad day, at least you can come home to a made up bed.

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