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We’d like to introduce to Aditi Gupta, a member of our 2021 NextGen Leaders cohort. 

Originally from India, Aditi has been in Melbourne since 2019. She is currently working in Mindshare as a Biddable Executive. In addition to this, she also runs her own community @inshortsofdt - "Creating Inshorts of their Desired Transformation”, a platform to help young minds with professional development and communication hacks. Giving a boost to all the people who don’t have resources and access to the tools and knowledge (especially in a country like India).

Aditi recently graduated from Monash University after completing a Masters in Communications and Media Studies, she started her role at Mindshare after receiving the opportunity once the NextGen course had ended.

Why did you apply for the NextGen programme? What were you hoping to get from it?

I applied as I really wanted to learn about the industry and the people more closely. Through the NextGen Leader course, I have been able to dive deep and connect with the global talent even during this pandemic. It helped me understand the work culture within and outside the industry. It also helped me understand the technicalities and the specifications of every job role and how we can perform better with the resources provided.

What are your main areas of interest within the creative transformation industry?

I love everything about social media, and this pandemic has taught us to be more vulnerable with social media skills. Results show pandemic influenced and increased the social media time all over the world affecting and hit a lot of small businesses in major ways. I love to plan, strategise and execute. Currently, working with the planning and executing team, I’m running ads and tracking them for the client’s growth and success. This helps me understand what the current market needs and how we can create more interestingly while helping others along the journey.


Was this industry always the plan for you? What attracted you to it?

I have always been on top of the advertising and marketing field. WPP being one of the top 4 in the industry has always been on the top of my list, and the WPP NextGen Leader course helped me crack it to the best of my abilities. I love how you get to work with the best of clients and get the best exposure to planning, executing, and tracking the marketing world. I love taking charge of social media and love creating content. I have done a couple of live shows, workshops and more through my platform @Inshortsofdt!


What topic/speaker did you enjoy most?

I absolutely enjoyed the third live panel which was a discussion around Inclusive Marketing - The Business Imperative. It is important to understand gender and religious diversity to better perform in the advertising and marketing world. It was definitely a very informative session, providing us with some skills and insights to think more creatively.


What are your career aspirations?

I aim to be a part of the top influential women list in the industry and want to inspire and educate as many people as possible I can along the journey and the path I take, especially the ones who don’t have resources. I want to be able to touch lives throughout my professional journey while creating a long-lasting impact on every individual. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and being able to start my platform now, I only think of making it bigger and global with the help of these courses and the network I’m building.


You can connect with Aditi on LinkedIn here:

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