Secrets & Lies

WPP AUNZ is invested in getting under the skin of our clients' audiences and this involves constantly building our knowledge to better understand the attitudes and behaviours of Australians and New Zealanders.


Secrets & Lies is WPP AUNZ's major thought leadership platform. Each of the research studies explores the difference between what we say out loud and what we really think across a range of topics that are particularly relevant to our clients. What are the public values reported versus the private truths hidden? What are the secrets and the lies and where are the opportunities to engage and connect that lie in these cracks.


For further information on any of our Secrets & Lies reports or to talk about a tailored workshop on any of the insights for your organisation or sector, please contact: Rose Herceg, Chief Strategy Officer, WPP AUNZ -

NEW - Chapter 4:


For all the extraordinary benefits and breakthroughs, we’re constantly seeking the humanity in tech. How will it help us, protect us, enable us? It's time to explore Humanity and the Machine....




Chapter 3: Ageless & Booming 


We explore the chasm between the assumptions people make about ageing and the truth of how over 50s think, feel and live....


Chapter 2: Uncovering the underbelly of national identity

In 2019, we looked under the hood at what it meant to be an Australian or a New Zealander...

Chapter 1: Personal and social identity

One of the first studies of its kind in Australia and New Zealand, our first chapter measured the difference between what we tell ourselves and each other versus what we really think and feel about our personal and social identity. What are our secrets and what are the lies?...

“Secrets & Lies has proven to be a profound and illuminating study of our people and our culture. Knowing how to respect the need for secrets and understanding the lies we tell (without any judgement), can be a powerful tool in our economy. Australians and New Zealanders are complex and layered. In this complexity, marketers can find plenty of opportunities. And that is golden.”


Rose Herceg, Chief Strategy Officer WPP AUNZ

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