Chapter 3: Ageless & Booming

Chapter Three, focusing on the concept of ageing in Australian society, launched late 2019. What we discovered breaks all the conventions and perceived norms about what it means to get older. It uncovers the lies we've been telling ourselves about Australians over the age of 50. Our role at WPP AUNZ is to help our clients better understand their important audiences so that they can connect and stay relevant. What better way to continue this in-depth understanding than with a report exploring our relationship with age? How do we view people over 50 and what drives these perceptions? More importantly, this report reveals just how badly we get it wrong.


Our research reveals that this group is booming and growing. Australians over 50 treat age with a contempt only they can be afforded because of their lived experience. That’s why we've called the report, Ageless and Booming. Those of us in the marketing industry have so far failed to fully appreciate and embrace this audience. We need to engage them with the rigour and vigour they deserve.


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