5 minutes with David Fox

The CEO at Ogilvy Australia on why he believes the Australian ad industry is under its harshest test right now – and what can pull agencies through

Most creatives will agree that to be resilient is one of the most important traits they need to be successful in their career. For David Fox, this came early on in life. The Australian creative is part Sri Lankan and was often bullied in the playground for his darker skin. However, this and the values he picked up from his adopted parents and birth mother taught him much about resilience, kindness and empathy.

These beliefs are ones that David has taken with him throughout his career, from his “open and honest” managerial style to speaking out publicly on social media to show his support for Indigenous people. David isn’t one to shy away from speaking up for what’s important and even jokes that his job title is now ‘Chief Mask Wearer’ as a nod to the times we’re living in.

LBB’s Natasha Patel speaks to David about diversifying the industry, the changes he’s seen since joining Ogilvy in 1999 and the culture shock he faced when landing in London to work.


Read the full interview on LBB Online here.

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