A crisis demands agility and strong leadership

If there is one word that sums up 2020, it’s extraordinary. Extraordinary times, extraordinary events and extraordinary circumstances. However, ordinary is never something to aspire to, and I really think that 2020’s events have also led to some extraordinary achievements and opportunities.

One thing we do know is that a crisis demands agility and strong leadership, with the confidence to operate under uncertainty.

The challenge for brands of driving sales, growing market share and simply surviving in a pandemic era, where the only constant thing is change, is relentless.

However, experiencing a decade of digital transformation in a few months through the events of 2020 has offered huge opportunities to rethink, reconnect and reprioritise. Smart marketers and business are always looking to the future. 2020 has allowed a rethinking within many organisations, offering a new cleaner and more simplistic view of their go-to market strategy.


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