Is Adland's obsession with awards unhealthy?

The industry’s obsession with awards is understandable, but can also be dangerous and unhealthy, argues Ogilvy head of strategy Ryan O’Connell...

Fear not, this is not another opinion piece denying the importance of awards, or bemoaning the fact there are too many award shows.

Well, actually . . . there are way, way too many award shows. Though always extremely humbled to take home some metal, Ogilvy won Grand Prixs this year at shows I’d honestly never even heard of. (That, my friends, was a textbook humblebrag. Warning: it won’t be my last!) This probably suggests that our industry creates just a few too many opportunities to slap ourselves on the back.

However, winning the right type of award is definitely important. They help agencies establish themselves as successful, and sustained success conveys a sense of legitimate momentum. This in turn helps agencies recruit the best talent, which only benefits the clients of said agency.


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