‘Culture of Consumption’ report reveals how brand storytelling must adapt in a post-pandemic world

New report details how brands can make, shape and break into culture as consumption of news and content shifts


A new report by Pulse, part of opr, explores how brands and businesses must adapt more quickly than ever before, given the seismic shift in media and information habits over the past twelve months.


The report, entitled ‘Culture of Consumption’ takes an in-depth look at how societal, political and human behaviour changes have driven a series of new patterns in news and content consumption and the key trends in brand storytelling that have emerged as a result. In addition to insights, trends and brand case studies, the report also shares a series of actionable outtakes for brands, businesses and marketers to apply to their own work, aiming to condition new ways of storytelling and building communities and audience advocacy in 2021.


Jacqui Abbott, Managing Director, Pulse said: “There is no doubt that in a crisis, we see culture accelerate. Consumption habits have shifted drastically in 2020 thanks largely to the growth of digital platforms and demand for real time stories. It’s impacted how we interact with technology, how we buy, how we move and how we consume and share information, news and entertainment. We are entering a new era of brand storytelling and as marketers we have to adapt.


“In this report, we have looked at a series of insights and data as well as real world examples including some of the most notable brand work this year to build a picture of how the information, news and content landscape has changed and how brands can use this to redefine the way in which they build and share stories,” concluded Abbott.


The four trends explored in the report are:


·       Trial-Blazers – Experimentation has a seen a re-birth. The experiences of 2020 have seen many brands, test, learn, trial and fail but in many cases succeed. Pivoting in real time has overtaken the planning cycle.

·       Partner Power - The power of tribes and subcultures in building cult status for brands has never been greater. Authentic collaboration across the partner spectrum will help brands create new cultural moments with authenticity and efficiency.

·       Start Small - As consumer distrust of the news media reaches new heights, we are seeing niche audiences and very specific or small cultural changes emerge. They are a lever for brands and are driving an evolution in the role of earned media from a mass media channel to a targeted and intentional communications tool.

·       Culture Converted - Using culture as a catalyst for sales conversation has huge benefits, not only in proving the true value of a campaign but as a way for brands to be more prevalent in order to stay relevant. New technologies now allow communications to marry cultural contribution to behaviour change.



“The continued shift in consumer attention to digital media and platforms presents huge opportunities for Australian brands to grow online,” said opr Chief Digital Officer Daniel Young. “Traditionally, offline media has been seen as be the biggest opportunity for brand building but with a focus on cultural digital capital, brands can become part of influential online communities and movements in a way that builds awareness, engagement and advocacy."


The report findings will be launched as part of a live stream event at 11am on Thursday November 26 and made available as a digital report post-event. To attend for the live stream, please email [email protected] and to request a copy of the report, please visit https://www.wearepulse.com.au/culture-of-consumption/

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