Twinning – Harness the Power & Avoid the Pitfalls of Digital Twins

This February (a.k.a. a lifetime ago) the NSW Government, with partner Data61, went live with their Spatial Digital Twin initiative. NSW isn’t the first – digital twin technology has been developing apace since 2018. The UK is working on its National Digital Twin, Singapore already has one, and companies like Chevron, Bridgestone, and GE use them to improve infrastructure and design more efficient processes and supply chains.

What is a digital twin?

I’d never heard of it, either. A digital twin is an identical digital model of a real-life object, process, or system. Its hidden superpower, though, is the way it blends data across dimensions. Twins combine more ‘traditional’ historical data with ‘Internet of Things’ live sensor datasets, and 3D modeling with the fourth dimension of time.


Read the full article on Branding Mag here.

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