Earth Funerals reveals new brand identity and digital platform via, VMLY&R Melbourne

Not- for-profit organisation, Earth Funerals, has unveiled its new brand identity and launched its new website, via VMLY&R Melbourne.


Spearheaded by a distinctive new logo, inspired by the earth, sustainability and climate change, the new brand identity brings to life Earth Funeral’s vision to provide more environmentally friendly and more meaningful funeral options to Australians.


Sarah Bailey, Managing Partner, VMLY&R Melbourne said her team, although initially unfamiliar with the concept of environmentally-conscious funerals quickly saw the tremendous value the Earth Funerals’ team could provide to Australians in what is a difficult and disorienting time.


“The topic may be considered taboo in some circles,” said Bailey. “However, my team very quickly wanted to be a part of the funeral revolution and drive real change in this category.


“The first thing we did was create a new identity for the Earth Funerals brand, which was vitally important from a credibility perspective to signal the organisation’s environmental credentials and overall intent to market.


“The website UX, design and content was critical as a destination for fundraising. High net worth individuals with a passion for environmental investment will use the website to understand more about Earth Funerals and to enquire about making a donation.  Therefore it needed to contain key information while at the same time inspire people that their money will contribute to establishing a sustainable funeral industry of the future.”


This new visual identity is applied to all collateral and will eventually be seen across a range of platforms; it was also the starting point for the website design.  The launch of Phase 1 of the digital platform will be closely followed by an updated website, targeting consumers, which will launch in mid-2021.


Jon Kenyon, Managing Partner Melbourne added: “From a brand identity and campaign perspective we’ve disrupted all category conventions by moving away from people-based imagery and using instead natural imagery that celebrates the environment.

“The launch of the new website is a vital step forward to attracting donors to invest in a sustainable future for end of life experiences.  As the most visited digital touchpoint acts as the digital front door for potential investors and with the launch of Phase 2 will ultimately provide interested consumers  with a connected, personalised customer experience,” he concluded.

Kevin Hartley, Founder and Director of Earth Funerals said his organisation is on a mission to shake up the end of life category by providing environmentally friendly funerals, something that has never been on offer in Australia, and is only just starting to gain traction around the world.


Hartley said: "Earth Funerals has a completely different proposition than other players in the funerals category. We are environmentally motivated, but we also aim to simplify the process for individuals and their grieving families and provide good value-for-money solutions.


“We are very excited about the new brand identity and digital experience that VMLY&R has created and we look forward to working with the team and launching Phase 2 next year.”

VMLY&R’s remit for Earth Funerals will continue to expand and will include development of an integrated social media campaign and PR strategy plus the launch of the consumer website next year.

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