Want to sell your brand? Get better at storytelling

Facebook's decision to remove, then reinstate news content from Australian feeds is yet another reminder of the ongoing tension brands face when competing for audience attention, writes Howorth managing director Jacquie Potter.


The world has changed and continues to change around us. The media landscape was in a state of flux for years before news of the pandemic took over our airwaves, papers and feeds. Newsrooms have shrunk, many publications have disappeared, and most have found it increasingly difficult to remain relevant or profitable.


As communications professionals, this means there are fewer earned media opportunities. We must find other places to tell client stories and new ways to make them meaningful.


Marketing has the opposite problem. The proliferation of digital and social channels means it’s never been easier to reach a specific audience, but industry experts estimate these fragmented audiences are now exposed to more than 5,000 ads per day. As a brand, you’d need to have something extraordinary to say in order to cut through the noise.


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