How Personalising Your Retail Offer Can Backfire

For most major retail brands, the allure of using customer data to craft personalised customer experiences is nigh on irresistible. It allows us to fulfil our big marketing promises of 1:1 communication and proper customer-centricity. 

Today, with the prevalence of big data solutions and machine learning algorithms, the potential for personalised retail has never been greater – we can pinpoint patterns and predictive trends in customer preferences that used to be all-but-invisible.

The big question is: how is this comprehension being used to actually improve the lives of customers? In smart retail it seems, the most popular way to personalise an experience is to begin a rapid process of decluttering; a spring-cleaning of all the redundant choices that appear to slow down or get in the way of customer decisions. After all, if you drill down to the stuff they really want, customers will keep coming back for more…right? 

Read the rest of the article on Inside Retail here.

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