How to ensure a brand is Gen Z ready

Brands have always had an important role to play in how each generation expresses its identity. But where once the boundaries of that identity were clear and predominantly analogue; the way that Generation Z (commonly defined as those born between 1997 and 2013) are redefining their identities, both on and offline, offers serious opportunities to those brands ready to rise to the occasion.


How is identity and brand shifting under Gen Z?


Gone are the days of working your way up a clearly defined corporate ladder, this generation relishes the portfolio career. And, when it comes to gender and sexuality, Gen Z embrace the fluidity and freedom to move between.


This freedom and fluidity is also impacting the once clear boundaries between the online and offline self. Unlike the generation before that saw the ‘real them’ as the offline self, this age group believes that who they are digitally is just as legitimate.


So, what does this evolution mean for brands?


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