Inner Health’s Iconic Blue Bugs Are Back in New Brand Platform via VMLY&R

Inner Health has revolutionised its famous blue bugs as part of a new brand platform launching this week.  Developed by VMLY&R, the new platform 'Listen to your Gut' re-introduces the bugs in a whole new environment.


VMLY&R Client Service Director Jo Millington said the new platform aimed to reposition Inner Health as an overall health solution with broad health benefits, rather than just something to be taken as treatment for one-off gut issues.


“People think your brain controls everything. But really, your gut is the command centre for your body. It plays a big part in how you feel. And when your gut is feeling off, you can feel… off. So we’ve moved the narrative away from ‘probiotics’ to ‘total gut health’,” she said.  “With this came the opportunity to re-visit Inner Health’s iconic bugs.”


VMLY&R’s Associate Creative Director, Guido Pecego explained further: “It was an honour to be asked to re-design a 30+-year-old character and an Australian icon. We wanted to modernise Inner Health’s bugs by evolving their form while deeply respecting their basic characteristics and giving them the personalities we always knew they had.”


Liz Brookes – Senior Brand Manager - Inner Health said: “Inner Health first pioneered the probiotics category nearly 30 years ago and our famous blue bugs have been simplifying the science of gut health ever since. While moving the message from digestive balance to whole body health, we had the opportunity to modernise our characters and tagline which was a true privilege.


“VMLY&R lead a team of passionate creatives to produce some outstanding assets that we hope will continue to be loved by Australians for another 30 years,” she concluded.


The platform launched this week via a TVC for Inner Health Plus Double Strength and will introduce fresh executions for different products. The iconic line ‘Have you had your Inner Health today?’ has also had a facelift and will continue to be utilised throughout.


The launch TVC can be viewed here:




CCO – Paul Nagy
Head of Strategy – Andrew Kolb
Associate Creative Director – Chelsea Parks
Associate Creative Director – Guido Pecego

Head of Broadcast and Content – Mignon van Weeren
Client Service Director – Jo Millington
Senior Account Manager – Sarah McCabe
Account Executive – Matt Hunt


Client – Metagenics

Head of Marketing – Brett Ballentine

Marketing Manager – Alissa Moes

Senior Brand Manager – Liz Brookes

Brand Manager – Sam Upton

Senior Creative Designer – Kate Guy

Animation & Post Production - Unlisted

CG Director – Nick Lines

EP – Graham Pryor

Head of Production  – Chelsea Nieper

Producer – Doireann Lally

Junior Producer - Liz Manning

CG Supervisor - Adrian Oostergetel  

Storyboards – Dylan Shearsby

Character Design – Vic Fun 

Environment Design - Sacha Bryning

CG Model – Kevin Taylor

Texture / Lighting - Nathan Juno

Lead Animator – Ben Hubbard

Animator - Inès Pagniez

Motion Graphics – Will Hunt

Editor – Shannon Michaelas

Grade – Marty Greer

Online – Tom Marley

Live Action: The Producers

Live Action Director - Mitch Kennedy

Production Company - The Producers

Executive Producer - Noelle Jones

Sound Design – Cutting Edge
Sound Design, mix and SFX – Michael Thomas
Post Producer – Aysha Jones/Camille Cannings


Jesse Smith

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