Marketing’s Least Loved: creative feedback

In her regular column for Mumbrella, VMLY&R chief strategy officer Alison Tilling looks at how to approach that complicated question: "So, what do you think?"


Yes, this week it’s the really dreaded ‘c’ and ‘f’ words: creative feedback.Words that crop up not so much at the start or end of a project or piece of work, but all through the middle. Sometimes on what can feel like an endless loop. Two words that are responsible for more angst than almost anything else.


Putting a rocket up it


About a year into my first ever job in an advertising agency (yes we did have computers…but only just), I worked on a piece of business directly with the creative director and MD. Steep learning curve, involved having a stereo thrown at me, but cool. Cut to my first ‘Properly Big Meeting’. The MD was selling in the new campaign. He talked solidly for fifty minutes, didn’t notice his audience’s body language, and promised things we could not possibly deliver. On the Tube ride back, told me feedback was important to him – what did I think he could have done better? Possessing neither a poker face nor an edit function, I told him what I thought he could have done better.  Let’s just say it didn’t go down well.


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