It's Mental Health Awareness Month (and why that's more poignant in 2020)

opr’s managing director Jacqui Abbott, takes a look at October’s Mental Health Awareness Month and why it’s even more significant due to the difficulties that 2020 has thrown at us all…

My version of 2020 isn’t clouded by a pandemic. It’s clouded by sustained grief. In March, I lost my amazing Dad, after a long battle with chronic lung disease and everything changed.

October is Mental Health Awareness Month which has made me reflect on the last six months. Not only did I return to work in lockdown, but I also needed to use every ounce of energy I had to motivate a team of 40 across two states through this new state of normal, all while grappling with a big hole in my heart.

So how do you move forward and motivate others when you have never felt lower inside?


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