Secrets and Lies: The Podcast

WPP AUNZ is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural podcast series, led by WPP AUNZ Chief Strategy Officer, Rose Herceg.  The podcast series will focus on the company’s recent thought leadership study: Secrets & Lies Chapter 4, Humanity & the Machine.


Aired over the next few weeks, each discussion will take a deep dive into exploring the role of ethics and trust in the relationship between humanity and the machine.


Herceg said: “Transformation as a word, wins the buzzword bingo prize of the past decade. And yet, the speed of change we have witnessed would have been unthinkable back in February. With technology at the heart of how we function as a society, there’s no better time to examine the role of ethics and trust in the relationship between humanity and the machine. 

“I’m delighted to bring you conversations with guests leading this debate including The Ethics Centre, Microsoft and Google. Together we explore the big questions of the day including how to manage the pace of innovation for the communities we serve and balancing the making of money with the ethical challenges of uncharted territory.

“COVID-19 has clearly placed tech front and centre. What our research showed was while most people saw the benefits of technology, data privacy and its impact on the future of work, remain big concerns. In the first podcast I explore this concept in detail with some leading experts in this field,” she concluded.

The first three episodes are now available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcast.


Listen on Spotify here.


Episode 1

Episode Title: Privacy & Ethics 

Episode Description: Technology’s habit of constantly changing our personal and professional lives has only been accelerated by COVID-19. While most people in our research saw the benefits of technology, concerns remain about data privacy and its impact on the future of work. Host Rose Herceg, WPP AUNZ Chief Strategy Officer, chats through these and other ethical dilemmas with Dr Matt Beard, a Fellow at The Ethics Centre, and Pat Crowley, CBA Lead at Ikon.  


Episode 2

Episode Title: Automation & Control 

Episode Description: Artificial intelligence has quietly moved from science fiction into the background of everyday life. Lee Hickin, National Technology Officer at Microsoft Australia, and Adam Good, WPP AUNZ’s Executive Director Marketing Technology, discuss the AI trends that they’re most excited about and the role of industry in using data responsibly with WPP AUNZ Chief Strategy Officer, Rose Herceg. 


Episode 3

Episode Title: Audiences & Algorithms 

Episode Description: The volumes of data being gathered and analysed mean that algorithms often know us better than we know ourselves. But our research shows that brands and organisations must constantly balance the desire to deliver personalised service with the need to respect privacy. WPP AUNZ’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rose Herceg, is joined by Aaron Boekestein, Head of Agency Partnerships at Google Australia, and Katie Rigg-Smith, CEO Mindshare Australia, for a chat about predicting and interpreting online behaviour. 

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