Selfless New Zealanders embrace bp’s Thank You Coffee

Since its launch in July 2020, bp has been inspired and excited by New Zealanders’ response to its Thank You Coffee campaign.


Created by Ogilvy New Zealand, the Thank You Coffee gives bp’s customers the opportunity to gift a free Wild Bean Cafe coffee anonymously to another New Zealander. Participation involves simply downloading or updating the BPMe app and unlocking a free coffee which users then choose to enjoy themselves or gift to someone deserving by paying it forward.


In its first four months, the campaign has exceeded all expectations with thousands of generous Kiwis spreading kindness around the country by gifting their coffee to make someone’s day. Nearly 25% of bp’s customers have generously gifted their coffee, with the gifting rate showing an increasing trend. On one of the campaign’s most successful days – the day Auckland went back into lockdown – 44% of bp’s customers chose to pay their coffee forward.


Luke Rive, bp New Zealand National Marketing Manager, is delighted with the outcome. “We designed the Thank You Coffee initiative before COVID-19 changed 2020 completely”, he said, “and it has certainly been a wonderful way for deserving New Zealanders to have their hard work recognized in typical ‘Kiwi fashion’: understated, humble and unobtrusive”.


An increasing number of bp customers are now regular users of the BPMe app for their fuel and coffee purchases as a result of the Thank You Coffee campaign. bp has seen a 98% increase in app downloads compared to the same three-month period last year. This result exceeds bp’s pre-launch estimate that app downloads would increase by up to 30%.


Thank You Coffee is set to run until July 2021 and is supported with TV, OOH, in-store and in-app communications.

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