Strong Brands of the Future Open Up to Diversity in Process, as Well as People

So, I watched Emily in Paris… I know, I know.

Look, it topped the Netflix charts, and I wanted to keep up. Save your time, it’s too empty even to be a comfort-watch.

One moment stayed with me though. The relentlessly perky Emily brought her Chicago office “Corporate Commandments” into her Parisian workplace. “Thou shalt always maintain a positive attitude”, was the first.

It made me wince because it’s not only employees who are encouraged to be relentlessly positive. It’s brands themselves and their take on the world. Positivity in marketing is inextricably bound up with concepts of speed, value, and approach. It has its place, of course, but our focus on relentless positivity is not only one-dimensional, it’s not empathetic to the world as experienced by so many. It makes our processes one-dimensional and unempathetic, too.


Read the full article on Branding Mag here.

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