‘You’re not from around here, are you?’ The playbook for a meaningful local label

Thinking about highlighting your brand's local roots? Think again, writes Wunderman Thompson Perth senior strategist Barry Walker.

“Then COVID came.” Three simple words that I’m starting to hear with increasing regularity around conference room tables.

I get it. A pandemic’s impossible to ignore. Border shut-downs, travel restrictions, quarantine, death. We’ve all been impacted in immeasurable ways. But it’s the influence on brands that’s caught my eye, in particular the subtle rise of the brand locale.

Buying local’s long been understood by most as a means to keep money within a local economy. Think farmers markets versus big box supermarkets. But has ‘local’ ever reached deal breaker status for the masses? I’m going to assume many of you are mentally shaking your heads. Yup, Amazon would no doubt agree.


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