UWA celebrates sponsorship of Perth Festival with Wise Words Activation via The Brand Agency

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is celebrating how the Perth festival can inspire wisdom through culture with its new “Words of Wisdom” campaign and activation around the city.


The campaign by The Brand Agency supports the Perth Festival with three activation installations and two animated videos. Each activation is an art piece which features different short phrases and bespoke designs bringing to life the spaces they inhabit.


In 1953, UWA’s Professor Fred Alexander co-founded the Perth Festival, envisioning a “festival for the people.” 68 years later, UWA continues to support Perth Festival recognising the value of a large-scale multi-arts festival, and as a point of pride for the Perth community.


Dan Debuf, Copywriter at The Brand Agency says, “This project brings together the university, our city, and creativity, which are all so important to the cultural and economic vibrancy of our state. Plus, as a UWA graduate who’s written for and performed at many arts festivals, this was a dream brief for me.”


The UWA activation at the Perth Cultural Centre includes over 50 bespoke poster designs, each with a unique phrase, spelling the word “SEEK”. An illuminated 3D printed sign is hanging from one of UWA’s iconic Moreton Bay fig trees on campus with a trail of Wise Words. And, UWA’s Somerville auditorium is lit up with a textured street art installation.


Janice Law, Designer at The Brand Agency says, “Art is critical to our community, helping us see the world from different perspectives.”

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