Creativity Will Save the Planet

In the midst of the climate crisis, Daye Moffitt believes that creativity and multilayered thinking from corporations could be the solution.  

Having only ever worked within the field of creativity, I’m obsessed with the discipline. I’ll admit, claiming creativity will save the planet is a bold statement, but I truly believe it can and will.

In 1963, an individual addressed an audience of 250,000 people demanding two of humanity’s most fundamental rights  fairness and equality.

Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream. And the persistent and creative delivery of his dream changed the world.

Today, we face a new challenge.

The world, as it turns out, is dying. Our oceans are warming, ecosystems have been destroyed, and climate change is decimating animal populations. We’re staring down the barrel of mass extinction – and the worst part is, collectively, we’re not trying hard enough to stop it. 



Read the full article on Marketing Mag here.

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