Why my Eight-year-old Daughter Wants to be CEO of Ogilvy One Day

My eight-year-old daughter came up to me a few weeks ago and told me that she was going to be a CEO like me one day. After spending a day at work with me, her preference was to be the CEO of Ogilvy. Understanding her frame of reference might be limited to one company I asked her why she wanted to be a CEO. She said she wanted a chance to lead like me. She also echoed the words of her mother, that men have had their chance at being leaders and look at the state of the world today, and that she wants her chance now. She believes it's time that ‘girl power’ takes over. I will say it again, she is eight but how fabulous that we are having these conversations (and using phrases like girl power).

The interesting part of this interaction was she didn’t ask me if I thought she could be a CEO, she was definite that she would be. There is nothing in her world that has suggested she cannot be. Her belief is she will be a CEO and her mind is free of the headwinds of a business world and ad industry currently dominated by men.


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