frank Health Insurance Launches Voice App Promising Easy Answers to Hard Questions, via whiteGREY

frank Health Insurance has launched Australia’s first voice app for the Private Health Industry (PHI) category, built for the Google Assistant. 


Created by whiteGREY, the ‘frank insurance’ app provides easy answers to the complicated PHI questions that plague the industry.  To get access, users simply ask any google assistant to ‘speak to frank insurance’.  The app has been developed as an extension of frank’s ‘easy as frank’ brand platform.


whiteGREY Head of Technology Juan Garcia said the voice app is designed for members and non-members alike, as both a customer utility and demonstration of frank’s brand ethos. 


“With the cross-channel voice era now well and truly here, service categories like private health insurance are looking for innovative ways to keep up with public expectations of simplicity and convenience,” he said.


“frank found themselves uniquely suited to lead the PHI industry into voice technology, not only because of the brand’s role as a digital insurer but because of a mission to set the standard in ease. With imminent changes to the category in the near future, an app for consumers to easily get the right answers was a great opportunity to set the brand apart.  We knew immediately what was needed and what would make it unnecessarily complicated.”


Diane Pavlicevic, who holds duals roles as the Head of frank Health Insurance as well as marketing head of parent company GMHBA, said: “As a digital health insurer that lives to simplify a complicated category, building Australia’s first health insurance voice app was a natural decision. Not only is it a clear demonstration of the ‘easy as’ proposition that defines frank so well, it sets up the brand to continue innovating into the future.” 


The frank insurance voice app will be promoted through a media partnership with Spotify and accompanied by an awareness campaign encouraging consumers to not direct their PHI questions to the wrong people. This will run purely on digital channels (display and social).
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