opr Launches Futures #5 – ‘Outlaws and Anti-Heroes’

Report focuses on pioneers, persuasion and policy in a Decade of Do


Australia is heading into a ‘Decade of Do’. This will be shaped by pioneers acting on the issues that matter to them while solving the world’s most pressing problems, according to a report by leading communications agency, opr.


This appetite for direct action will be led by the Outlaws and Anti-Heroes of ‘Generation Do’ – a subset of Millennials and Gen Z rising up to challenge outdated laws and conventions. This is the central narrative that runs throughout the fifth annual Futures report, spanning19 new insights that will impact marketing and communications in the 2020s.


Divided into five chapters, it explores new behaviours, new attitudes, new mindsets, new consequences and new policies. It also explains how this ‘Decade of Do’ will have far reaching implications for brands, marketers and governments alike.


“This new era will fundamentally change the way business and government think about engaging with their customers and voters, and how they conduct business in the future,” says Richard Brett, CEO, opr.


“The rise of direct action and protest shows that action is everything in the Decade of DoFutures #5 explores the growing implications for brands in doingrather than telling, while delving into new approaches to political engagement and their policy repercussions.


“One of the key trends is Outlaws, where businesses and organisations are working with Gen Do to challenge outmoded laws, conventions and even other organisations.”


One of the most sought-after trends reports in Australia, Futures #5 was developed using insights extracted from the world’s leading creative, design and technology conferences such as Cannes Lions, SxSW, D&AD, E3, and CES, along with Australian conferences including AANA Reset, CommsCon and Rare.  


Brett said this year’s report explores a range of other trends, including the desire to escape from digital noise and find joy in everyday doing.


“Another important trend in this year’s report – Anti-Heroes – shows that we’re finding more interest and traction in the uncelebrated heroes who’ve previously been playing at the sidelines,” says Brett. “A movement against the unrealistic promises, images and lifestyles found online, these everyday people are working with brands and organisations to effect change and get meaningful things done in a world obsessed with celebrity.”


Bridget Jung, opr’s Chief Creative Officer and co-author of the report, says it has also identified a shift in the perception of creativity. She highlights Beautiful Ugly as an interesting new juxtaposition playing out within creativity.  


“High production values aren’t going away, but we’re seeing new and interesting uses for what can be described as Beautiful Ugly – low production values with a real, raw and super engaging result,” says Jung.


Chapters and key trends from Futures #5 include:


New Behaviours

FrictionfulMake the doing hard for your fans

Do-vertisingAllow your audience to do the campaign themselves 

The Minorstream™Focus on niche but highly engaged audiences 

Go Direct – Cut out the middleman to reach your customers


New Attitudes 

Hate To Love In a divided world turn divisiveness into harmony 

The Business Of PurposeBake action into the heart of business strategy 

The Long Tail Of Inclusivity Do things to help previously ignored minorities 


New Mindsets 

The Silent Room A quest for quiet in a world of digital noise 

The Formula For Happiness – Help people find and appreciate joy

Bots And Brains Marry digital smarts with human creativity


New Consequences

Beautiful Ugly –Stand out in a sea of perfected sameness

Anti-Heroes Work with everyday people to get things done 

Meta ModeCommunications that tell you why they exist 


New Policies 

Outlaws Take on old-fashioned laws and conventions 

It’s SimplicatedA new era of simple and direct messaging  

Creative Economics – The power of the creative industry to transform

Generation Do A new generation rise up to solve the world’s problems 

Robocare – ‘Service robots’ to look after the elderly, ill and lonely

100 Jobs of the Future– Dramatic changes to the employment landscape


Futures #4 was presented to more than 40 organisations across Australia and New Zealand, reaching almost 2400 marketing and communication leaders, with key results also presented to NZ Parliament. To request a presentation of Futures #5 or a copy of the report, please email richard.brett@opragency.com.au.

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