Why Consumers Think Your Ad is a 'Flop'

Consumers are naturally attracted to big, bold advertising, argues Zac Martin, and perception of 'cost' is everything.


Gazelles have been observed repeatedly jumping up and down, an act called stotting. This seemingly strange behaviour makes little sense at first glance – one assumes that if you could end up being chased by a hungry lion, the smart thing to do would be to conserve energy. But researchers hypothesise the opposite is true – the unnecessary exertion of energy is in fact a warning to predators. “Don’t even bother trying to out-run me, I have so much energy I can do this all day for no reason at all. Go find an animal that isn’t showing off, because he’s preserving the little energy he has.”


The world around us is riddled with signals, and as our industry continues to turn its back on traditional channels, we cannot overlook their value.


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