Brands and Trust: Bridge the Gap or Die

In this guest post, Landor’s new business and marketing manager, Ella Campbell (pictured below), offers her tips, in this era of broken trust, on how to rebuild yours…

Our society has always been grounded in a framework of trust. Whether we are grabbing our morning coffee, buying our weekly groceries, or visiting our favourite restaurants, we trust that our experiences will be positive, and that our time and money are worth the return.

On the flip-side, we’ve had our fill of ‘fake news’, shady deals and hidden agendas. We don’t trust our banks. We don’t trust our media. And we don’t trust our government. So, who do we trust?

The state of trust in corporate Australia
It’s been a year of less than positive revelations about our largest and most valued institutions. Despite this, the Australian population is becoming more trusting in business (seven-point increase year-on-year). The 2019 Corporate Reputation Index gives us insight into the state of Australia’s belief in business. The rankings at the top of the index, produced by the Reputation Institute, are seeing greater leaps in overall reputation – since 2018, we’ve seen the number of ‘Strong’ and ‘Very Strong’ rankings grow. However, those languishing down the lower end of the index are experiencing significant decreases in their reputations. In fact, the number of organisations with ‘Weak’ reputations increased by 250 per cent.

Just how important is trust to the success of organisations, and how can those that have lost it rebuild it for the future?

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