JWT's Paul Everson On Creating a Great Workplace Culture to Kickstart the Year

In this guest post, J. Walter Thompson Sydney managing director Paul Everson urges agencies to put culture near the top of their New Year’s resolutions list and consider how it applies to all employees.

Are we still talking about culture? Yes, and I don’t think we should ever stop.

With the workplace landscape changing so fast, we can’t expect a healthy culture to survive and thrive unless it is nurtured and developed. As leaders, I would love to see us start each year by taking a good look at how our culture has evolved over the past 12 months, and where we want it to go, to ensure we are evolving our approach to keep pace with changing ways of working.

But beyond simply providing ‘nice vibes’ in the office and some opportunities for after-work drinks, why should we invest our precious headspace and dwindling resources to build and maintain culture?

It has been proven time and again that culture plays a key role in driving success and motivation. When workplaces everywhere are facing unprecedented challenges in evolving and adapting their businesses, investing in culture delivers results. Research by Deloitte has shown that 94 per cent of executives and 88 per cent of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a business’ success. Deloitte’s survey also found that 76 per cent of these employees believed that a “clearly defined business strategy” helped create a positive culture.

The question many leaders are asking is: how we can create a sense of culture and community when our teams are under enormous pressure, and increasingly fragmented?

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