Masterchef has a lot of Work to do to Recover from Losing its Three Hero Ingredients

George Calombaris has tarnished the Masterchef brand. So has his comrades' - Preston and Mehigan's - support of him. Therefore, in order to rebuild, the brand has to reposition and refresh, argues Landor's Nick Foley.

The off-screen lead up to this week’s Masterchef final has been almost as riveting as the program itself. Last week, it was revealed that one of the show’s celebrity chefs, George Calombaris, underpaid his employees to the tune of $7.8m.

The unfortunate distraction from the Masterchef main course didn’t end there. WA Tourism unceremoniously dumped Calombaris from its latest campaign. Then, just before the grand finale aired, Network Ten announced its three hosts would not be part of the franchise in 2020.

Weighing into the discussion, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has committed to criminalising wage theft, while former ACCC chairman Allan Fels stated: “There should be the real prospect of jail sentences…”in instances of wage theft.

Suddenly, life for the former Masterchef celebrity isn’t tasting so sweet.

Original article written by Nick Foley, read the rest of the article on Mumbrella here.

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