Sally Kissane: Turning 50 and Just Getting Started

The tribe, age-less, is finding supporters – because diversity means diversity. Adland doesn’t get to pick and choose what it includes. And so far, age has not been included. It’s time it was.

Not because it’s right. Not because adland “has to”, but because it’s smart. Adland needs to. The people it needs to reach are diverse.

Sally Kissane, Managing Director, Ogilvy Sydney, has something to say about Adland including age in diversity. Here it is:

I’m going to start with a disclaimer. In four days, I turn 50. 50!!!

Now, I know 50 is meant to be the new 40 but I’m not going to lie, it feels bloody scary. I mean I’m about turn half a century, come on!

Whether it be psychosomatic or real, I can feel my joints starting to ache, my patience shortening and my choice in shoes changing to a sensible heel. But it also signals a milestone for me within this industry. I have worked in advertising just under 30 years and the verve with which I entered this industry has not dissipated one iota but the questions around age have become more apparent.

So, when I was approached to write about what it means to be age-less, to say that this hit a raw nerve was an understatement. Instead, I write this with brutal honesty and a hint of trepidation hitting the next half century.

Read the full article on The Stable.

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