When it Comes to Sports Marketing, Australia isn't Competitive Enough

Australians love sport, but sports marketing in this country is lazy, according to Ogilvy's head of strategy, Ryan O'Connell. We need to start competing.


I love sport. I watch a lot of it (perhaps too much, according to my wife). And I’d happily watch even more, however, pesky things like family, friends, sleep, and a job often get in the way. But when I watch Australian sport, I’m constantly amazed at the number of sports marketing campaigns that are missed opportunities.


I won’t call out any brands in particular. Unless you know the client’s brief, budget, timeline, and any other number of details, you really shouldn’t be overly critical of other people’s work.


And yet… many sports marketing campaigns in this country are just a touch lazy.


The biggest example is the number of brands that simply ‘badge’ their logo onto sporting properties and assets.


That’s questionable behaviour even for brands with low awareness that need to improve their ‘top of mind’ metrics. In such a scenario, you could at least understand that increasing the brand’s ‘mental availability’ is most likely the main objective, so simply increasing its presence seems like a solid enough strategy.


However, what’s truly unforgivable is the number of big brands, with undoubtedly high brand awareness, that spend millions of sponsorship dollars merely getting their logo, or some other predictable messaging, seen. What a waste of money.


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