Three Ads that Wowed Me: Rob Martin-Murphy

If top creative people can’t get excited by top work, then the industry is doomed. “I wish I’d done that,” should mature to become “I’m going to do something better.” And that’s how even better work gets done. These top three made Ikon ECD, Rob Martin-Murphy excited.

Here’s what he says about them:

This month, it seems fast food is actually good for you.

And it’s even better when you wash it down with a snifter of London’s finest.

Burger King: Burn That Ad. 

Could this be the best use of AR by a fast food brand? It enables you to burn Burger King’s competitor’s ads down to unlock a coupon for a free burger. Why, yes, I think it just might be. This campaign for Burger King in Brazil gives me further reason to believe that the agency and marketing team just sit around all day and think of the most fun they could have with advertising – then get those ideas made. Sounds simple, but it’s why the BK brand has been on fire for years.


[by David Sao Paulo]


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