What's Holding Australian Creative Agencies Back?

Industry360 gives Mumbrella readers a top-line view on what’s really going on in the media, marketing and advertising industries. This week we pose some tough questions to Host/Havas CEO Laura Aldington, and WhiteGrey CEO Lee Simpson about why Australian creative agencies aren't doing better work, and if media and creative are destined to come back together.

What is holding back Australian creative agencies from doing better work?


Aldington: I don’t think ‘great work’ is as much of a priority for marketers as it was once was and I completely empathise with why as they come under increasing pressure to deliver short-term results and not long-term effectiveness.


It’s generally accepted that the best work is work that’s committed to and evolved over time. This is work that eventually plays a significant role in shaping and growing a brand. But high churn on both agency and marketing side, in addition to increasing pressure to change something if it’s not immediately seen to be ‘driving sales’, can prevent the required consistency from being achieved.


Article from Mumbrella, see the full interview here.

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