Bankwest calls for less bank in new brand via Union

11th September

Bankwest this week launches a new, bold and distinctive brand positioning called ‘Bank Less’, aimed at positively differentiating themselves in an increasingly homogenised industry and cynical consumer environment.

Developed by bespoke WPP AUNZ agency Union, the new ‘Bank Less’ positioning is driven by the key insight that Australians do not want more 'bank' in their lives -  just one that is fair, simple and transparent.

‘Bank Less’ will be executed across a range of channels from this weekthroughout OOH, press, digital and social, utilisingstrong headlines such as ‘Less BS. That’s right, less Bank Stuff’.  It is also backed by a supporting product campaign that uses 3D animation, also developed by Union and launched in July

Paul Nagy, Chief Creative Officer, Y&R (who worked on the campaign as part of Union) said extensive consumer research was undertaken to develop a brand positioning that not only stayed true to Bankwest's brand personality, but directly addressed how Australians felt about banking.

“This is not a play-it-safe brand position for Bankwest. They could have flown under the radar but Bankwest recognises that this is what people want and deserve right now from banks,” he explained.  “Consumers want their bank to do what it shoulddo, seamlessly and without complication, and play the right role in their lives - by playing a smaller one. We’ve reflected that creatively by using some of the insights gained during our research in a fun and playful way, but also one that shows thebrand to be more open and more transparent so that their customers can enjoy a simple, uncomplicated banking relationship.”

Andrew Chanmugam, Executive General Manager, Bankwest Customer Experience, said ‘Bank Less’ was not just a campaign but a philosophy the business was already living through initiatives, products and ways of working.

“Bank Less is a driving force behind everything the organisation does,” he said.  “Bank Less means less complexity and less frustration for customers; it’s about assisting customers when and where they need us, as simply and seamlessly as possible.  Bank Less is deliberately designed to be cheeky and capture attention, but it’s also a statement of intent about the experience we want customers to have each and every time they interact with us.”

Social video - https://youtu.be/KSSvdp-iWsw

Brand Pre-roll - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huKz5gAdod4

Credit Cards TVC: https://youtu.be/0M6D75j0ZqY 


Client: Bankwest

Agency: Union

Creative credits:

Paul Nagy – Chief Creative Officer

Rob Martin Murphy – Executive Creative Director

Derek Green – Executive Creative Director

Andrew Hankin - Associate Creative Director

Andy Cooke - Senior Art Director

Paris Giannakis – Senior Art Director

Marcus Tesoriero – Executive Creative Director

Dean Hunt – Creative Director

Nathan Teoh – Senior Art Director

Tracey Kim – Illustrator and Animator

Lauren Billingham - Producer

Ewan Mitchell - Client Services Director

Chelsea Wadsworth – Integrated Strategy Director

Jo Gibb – Project Director

Rebecca Grapiglia – Project Manager

Animation House:

Director - Buck

Creative Director - Gareth O’Brien

Executive Producer - Erica Ford

Associate Creative Director - Lucas Brooking

Art Director - Luke Saunders

Producer - Jordan Howes

CG Leads - Michael Lampe, Elijah Akouri

Production companies: Hogarth and The Brand Agency

 Media agency: Ikon Communications

 Unionis part of WPP AUNZ, Australasia’s leading marketing communications group.