JWT Melbourne swaps blue liquid for little red people in new SOFY spots

June 14, 2016

Walter Thompson Melbourne swaps blue liquid for little red people in new SOFY spots.

The mission of new Australian product SOFY BeFresh (as the name suggests) is to be fresh. This not only applies to the product itself, a pad specifically designed to give women a feeling of freshness that others can’t, but also to the way the brand talks about periods. So when tasked with creating a campaign for SOFY’s new patented Clean Barrier Technology, J. Walter Thompson Melbourne took the traditional product demo and literally brought it to life.
Celeste Whitelaw, Strategic Planner at J. Walter Thompson explains: “We were launching a quality brand with great new innovation into a sea of sameness as well as competing against some big budget heavy hitters. We knew we needed to do something completely different for the category”.
The pad is leading edge in its ability to draw the period away from the surface and lock it under the surface for good. But, most sane people don’t really find pad technology all that interesting. Senior Brand Manager at SOFY, Debra Smith adds: “Whilst the benefits of innovation are important, in isolation it’s not messaging that our audience are going to lean into, we needed to give them a reason to listen”.
Says Kieran Antill, ECD at J. Walter Thompson: “Instead of shying away from talking about the technology, we embraced it. We decided to hero the demonstration and do it in an unexpected way that took itself a little less seriously”.
Lead creative team on the project Lucy Logan and Holly Burgess continue: “The idea was pretty simple - create a demonstration that was different. The pad technology? A literal padded cell. The period? Little red people wearing little red suits. Trap them in there and let them go a little bit nuts”.
The 15 second digital pre-rolls shows the view from the inside of a SOFY pad, in which period people drop in, only to be stuck there forever.
You don’t have to take their word for it – every ad clicks through to a free sample to try the technology for yourself. They’ll be live on digital pre-rolls across YouTube from this week.
Agency Credits
Client: Unicharm
Senior Brand Manager: Debra Smith
Agency: J Walter Thompson Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: Kieran Antill
Creative Director: Tim Holmes
Associate Creative Director: Jess Lilley
Art Director: Lucy Logan
Copywriter: Holly Burgess
Senior Producer: Christina Dess
Group Account Director: Sue Collier
Account Manager: Georgia Pascoe
Strategic Planner: Celeste Whitelaw
Production: Exit FIlms
Director: Christopher Hill
DOP: Edward Goldner
Art Director: Jackson Dickie
Producer: Renae Begent
Editor: J Walter Thompson – Dave Wade
Sound: Production Alley - Nic Buchanan
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