JWT Wraps for the Starlight Foundation

17th December

This Christmas, J. Walter Thompson Sydney forfeited the traditional Secret Santa and opted to partner with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to provide presents to sick kids.
But in addition to heaps of presents already donated, we wanted to add sackfuls of unnecessary competitiveness to the festive season (as well as more presents for the kids). So we created JWT WRAP BATTLES, an interactive Christmas confrontation, pitting people head-to-head to wrap a series of presents as fast and best as they could: a task that was met with a surprising amount of bloodlust. Client waged war on Agency, MD took on ECD, and Brand Manager went up against Slightly More Senior Brand Manager.
Each bitter brawl was fought in JWT’s very own ‘Wrapping Room’ – a vision of red, in which every wall, chair, table and stapler was wrapped in Christmas paper, making every meeting a hangover-provoking Christmas nightmare.
But it was all worth it, because for each Wrap Battle waged and won, we donated an additional 10 presents to The Starlight Foundation (proper presents, not the atrociously wrapped dregs left in the wrapping room – we’re not that mean). 
All the battles can be viewed www.jwtwrapbattles.com and the fight is still on, so if you think you have what it takes to publically take down a foe in the name of charity, don your Santa hat and get in touch.