Lotto launches new campaign via VMLY&R Brisbane

Sept 2nd

Sharing is at the heart of a new campaign for Lotto, via VMLY&R Brisbane.

Tagged Lotto, There’s No Nicer Feelingthe campaignis set to Julia Stone’s version of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”and tells simple and heartfelt stories of how Lotto winners share their winnings to connect with family and friends.

The campaign launches with a 60 second film, followed by 3 x 45 second spots showcasing stories that illustrate the sentiment that while winning a million dollars is nice, there is no nicer feeling than sharing.

Jo Millington, Client Service Director, VMLY&R Brisbane said the campaign needed to honour Lotto’s 40-year heritage and status as the category’s flagship brand, but also needed to modernise in order to attract new customers. 

Millington said: “Every day we relish working with such an iconic brand but partnering so closely with our client on this significant project has been incredibly rewarding.”

“We knew sharing with family and friends was still the key motivational driver behind playing Lotto, so the platform was developed on the belief that, winning is nice, but there’s no nicer feeling than sharing,” added Paul Nagy CCO, VMLY&R.

“The campaign is shot mostly in black and white, to create a look that’s as special as the relationships we’re depicting and the wash of colour enhances the feeling.”

Dave Liddell, Senior Marketing Manager Lotto said: “It’s a brand truth that winning Lotto takes away some of life’s pressures, so people can connect with the ones they love. This platform brings that to life beautifully.”

Videos can be viewed here:

60” videos:

VIC/TAS/NT-TattsLotto https://youtu.be/YA2y34DYCdI

NSW - Lotto https://youtu.be/7xbc9L28bl8

QLD – Gold Lotto https://youtu.be/vSg8Yyovngk

SA - X Lotto-  https://youtu.be/-t0NVq1ofFQ

45” videos here:

VIC/TAS/NT – TattsLotto - Holiday    https://youtu.be/kTFLTFK_aVI

VIC/TAS/NT - TattsLotto - Backyard  https://youtu.be/n-RetNg4rT4

VIC/TAS/NT - TattsLotto - Piano https://youtu.be/1Z1nDutdzkU

NSW - Lotto - Holiday       https://youtu.be/8EBPw3LJxhQ

NSW - Lotto - Backyard      https://youtu.be/9RGae-fIh_s

NSW - Lotto - Piano         https://youtu.be/M7g7nX38KsY

QLD - Gold Lotto - Holiday   https://youtu.be/Yv2wIA-SUEI

QLD - Gold Lotto - Backyard  https://youtu.be/qX3_G8dzq_k

QLD - Gold Lotto - Piano     https://youtu.be/AvtjOplAZ_w

SA - X Lotto - Holiday      https://youtu.be/RXr4Dbo5YyM

SA - X Lotto - Backyard     https://youtu.be/Bs4BiDNyYmg

SA - X Lotto - Piano        https://youtu.be/VLO6fhX40po


Creative Credits


Head of Brand - Lotteries – Ben Johnson

Senior Marketing Manager -Dave Liddell

Senior Brand Manager - Gina Gilmore

Brand Manager - Kelly-Maree Caris

Assistant Brand Manager – Paris Mann


CCO – Paul Nagy

Strategy Director – Andrew Kolb

Associate Creative Director – Chelsea Parks

Associate Creative Director – Guido Pecego

Creative Group Head – Jim McKeown

Client Service Director – Jo Millington

Senior Account Director – Gen Leonard

Account Manager – Peyton Taylor

Account Executive – Charlotte White

Head of Broadcast and Content – Mignon van Weeren

Agency Producer – Katrine Bowman


Director - Louis Sutherland

DOP – Marty Williams

Executive Producer – Llew Griffiths

TV Producer - Breigh Sutherland


Editor - Simon Price

Post Producer -Jess Calvert


VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist - Dave Edwards

Colourist - Billy Wychgel

Lead Compositor – Murray Smallwood

Post Producer - Helise Andreoli

Cutting Edge

Sound Design, mix and SFX – Mike Lange

Post Producer – Aysha Jones


Toby Dolman