Secrets & Lies v2


Secrets & Lies Chapter Two: National Identity

Chapter One, launched in 2018, explored our personal and social identity. Chapter Two looks at our relationships with our nations. Are we as fair as we like to think we are? Do our long held “truths” about our national identity, still hold up? How progressive are we as a nation? The results are fascinating and present valuable insights for marketers and policymakers to better understand and connect with their audiences.

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“Secrets & Lies has proven to be a profound and illuminating study of our people and our culture. Understanding the often contradictory behaviours of our audiences as they relate to both their personal and national identity can help us better engage and connect. But it’s also in this complexity that lies enormous opportunity for our business and political leaders to innovate and inspire .” – Rose Herceg, Chief Strategy Officer WPP AUNZ

To hear the full story behind the data and what this might mean for your brand and business, WPP AUNZ’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rose Herceg, is available to present the findings in person. Get in touch to find out more about how you might apply these insights.