Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies

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Secrets & Lies is one of the first studies of its kind in Australia and New Zealand. It measures the difference between what we tell ourselves and each other versus what we really think and do. The report is just a snapshot of the huge amount of data gathered in this ambitious study of 4000 consumers. The results are surprising and paint an illuminating picture of our nation. Download the New Zealand report.

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“Secrets & Lies has proven to be a profound and illuminating study of our people and our culture. Knowing how to respect the need for secrets and understanding the lies we tell (without any judgement), can be a powerful tool in our economy. New Zealanders are complex and layered. In this complexity marketers can find plenty of opportunities. And that is golden.” – Rose Herceg, Chief Strategy Officer WPP AUNZ

To hear the full story behind the data and what this might mean for your brand and business, WPP AUNZ’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rose Herceg is available to present the findings in person. Get in touch to find out more about the long standing marketing “truths” this research challenges, and the three new plays for marketers, businesses and brands to consider.