What sets us apart

We are a diverse collection of capabilities.

Our people
We believe our ability to find and develop the best talent is a key competitive advantage. Our scale and breadth means we can attract the best local talent and also draw on the skills and leadership of WPP’s global talent pool.
Our global / local strategy
WPP’s global expertise and investment in data and technology combines with our agile local management and market knowledge to give clients a real edge in their market.
Our scale and depth of capability
No other group in the region can offer the scale and breadth of capability of WPP AUNZ, we cover the complete customer experience landscape and have over 5,500 people working across 80 companies in over 170 offices.

Custom made teams and unique insights.

Our team models
Our breadth of capability allows us to customise client teams to best suit a client’s needs like no other group. WPP now operate over 46 global account teams within a 'team model' which contributes over a third of revenue.
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Our proprietary offerings
Harnessing and channelling the international might of WPP means accessing the very best tools and technology, which in turn enhances local proprietary offerings to help our clients gain insights and advantage for the regional market.

Proprietary offerings

1 Central

Your analytics all in one place.
1 Central centralises data in a single dashboard, allowing clients to view their media, transaction and online data all in one place. It simplifies and clarifies what is often unnecessarily complex. More importantly, we can use this data for real time optimisation through multi-touch attribution.
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Proprietary offerings


Track your brand on the global stage.
The world’s largest brand equity database, BrandZ was created in 1998, and since then has become an invaluable resource, archiving and continually updating brand data gathered from interviews with more than 150,000 brands in up to 400 studies around the world each year.
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Proprietary offerings

BrandAsset™ Valuator

Track your brand performance.
For 23 years across 51 countries Y&R’s BrandAsset™ Valuator (BAV) has collected more consistent data on more brands than any other database in the world. Fueled by marketing luminaries and with rigorous financial anchors, BAV delivers models that identify clear patterns of brand growth, decay and recovery. BAV Australia launched in 1993. Its 10th wave has grown to document extensive brand perceptions of 1525 brands, in the current Australian marketplace amongst 6800 Australians.
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Proprietary offerings


Big insights on Australian society.
FutureTrack is a unique research resource because it predicts the mood of our nation and anticipates public attitudes on every major issue. What we plan to change, embrace and reject, what we fear and believe. FutureTrack is Australia’s first true ongoing study of the national psyche and its findings can be measured against almost every brand in every category.
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Proprietary offerings

WPP Government & Public Sector Practice

Bringing the best together.
WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice drives excellence and innovation in communications around the world. The support it provides includes identifying the best people for specific tasks, assembling and leading multi-disciplinary teams, bringing thought leadership events to the region and sharing best practice across borders and sectors.
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Proprietary offerings


Analytics for the best retail experience.
Optimize is a suite of data analytical tools that shows clients how customers interact with their stores, staff and brands. The results are used to enhance the whole retail experience.
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Proprietary offerings


Track your brand reputation in Australia.
Trustworth is Australia’s leading Corporate Reputation Index. It allows the country’s 60 biggest companies to monitor their reputation with existing and prospective customers and shows them which areas of their operation to target for improvement.
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Proprietary offerings

The Store WPP

The practice of shopper marketing has become so complex and important for clients that we realized no single agency could meet the client’s needs and a customized consortium of best-in-class resources across agencies was needed.
So we created The Store to harness world-class agencies and experts across multiple shopper marketing disciplines. Working under one leader and one financial structure, The Store provides a central point of contact capable of delivering all your end-to-end shopper marketing needs.
We have the best minds in each discipline and can put them together to create an all-star team focused on your campaign and your requirements. It’s easy to get started with WPP. Contact us with your requirements and we will assemble the best team possible from across agencies to meet your unique needs.
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