Swollen Generation

February 13, 2016

Simon Collins | Creative Director | 1 Kent Street

As appeared in The Spectator
Working my way back to Australia after a long exile in the US, I stop off in London the day poor David Bowie’s death hits the headlines. In the 1970s I bounced around to Bowie as enthusiastically as any other baggy-trousered, platform-shoed teen. But if you’d been in a coma for the last three decades you’d be forgiven for assuming, from the acres of newsprint and oceans of tears his untimely demise has engendered, that this was a man who’d distinguished himself in a more exacting field than the recording of catchy but (let’s be honest) nonsensical pop songs. The MP of a London ward where Bowie once parked his car may even convince the Commons that the man responsible for Ziggy Stardust and the – ahem – Spiders from Mars should be commemorated in Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey. What would be the equivalent homage in Australia? A statue of Steve Irwin on the steps of Parliament House? Profiles of The Wiggles on our coins?

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