WPP Team Models

WPP Team Models

Driving Horizontality 

At WPP AUNZ we believe in driving horizontality across our group for the benefit of our people, our companies and our clients.
We think these more collaborative team models are the answer to many issues facing our clients today. 
Team models are simpler, more efficient, and - most importantly - they result in more impactful work.
Take a moment to watch our Introduction to horizontality video. 

Team Models: Coalition


Stockland is Australia’s largest diversified property group.
Developing, owning and managing retail centres, business parks, logistics centres, office buildings, residential communities and retirement living villages.
The breadth of Stockland’s portfolio demands a coalition of disciplines that takes into consideration key business priorities across the group.
Every member of the coalition needs to understand which communication lever needs to be pulled and at which time, across the portfolio.

Team Models: Coalition


Kimberly-Clark is a company that has a proud 140 year history of producing life’s essentials, from tissues to nappies to toilet paper.
In a retail environment that has never been more ruthless, a coalition of companies is essential in allowing for a quick response.
The retail marketplace changes daily and adjusting communication planning and execution accordingly is the key to success.

Team Models


“We appointed the WPP Group through The Store to manage all of our end-to-end marketing requirements across the Asia Pacific Japan region, including Australia and New Zealand, in 2015. Since awarding this tender to The Store, WPP Team Logitech have consistently outperformed our expectations. 
We're receiving far more consistent, coordinated and high quality marketing than we have before. This has resulted in far quicker go-to-market timelines for us with a lot less headache and resource required on our side. On many campaigns WPP digital and social experts have been seamlessly brought in through our central point of contact to support the traditional offline campaigns in-store.
The WPP Group has in my opinion the best capabilities and experts in the Asia Pacific region for any of your businesses marketing requirements. Being able to tap into all of them in a coordinated and consistent manner through The Store is fantastic. This new way of working comes with my highest recommendation for your organisation.”

Team Models: Centralisation


The Ford Motor Car Company needs to constantly redefine what its cars can do in a world powered by technology and innovation.
GTB is an outstanding example of centralisation.
A model that brings to life the importance of keeping every aspect of communication centralised as well as embedded in data and anaytics.

Team Models:


“Revlon partnered with the WPP AUNZ group to revolutionise our Cosmetic Wall Bays and we quickly came to understand the true benefits of working with a broad organisation.
Our Wall Bays have 850+ components that have all been developed by WPP Team Revlon for us to maximize our effectiveness in market. To be able to entrust WPP to all stages of the strategy-design-production-logistics-installation-measurement-insights cycle has been a major coup for Revlon as its allows us to work through a single WPP point of contact for every aspect of our updates and roll outs. Less micro management for Revlon and a true partnership where we can focus on delivering beautiful products that are merchandised brilliantly for our shoppers."